New Jersey Singles Complaints: Women & Dating Sites

Although a number of people claim they found real love online, online dating sites aren’t all they promise to be.  If you are considering joining a popular online dating site, you need to be aware of the biggest complaints women have with the online dating world before you start on what could be a very frustrating journey.

You might get lucky and not encounter a single one of these problems, but here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we’ve heard the online dating disappointments time and time again.  Many of our clients have hit these roadblocks themselves, until they ultimately outsourced their romantic life to our dedicated matchmakers.  Today, we’re going to show you the biggest complaints single women in New Jersey have with online dating sites.

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1. Men Look Nothing Like Their Pictures

While looks are not the most important part of dating—or a relationship—meeting a man who likes nothing like his profile picture can be frustrating.  The truth is, online dating sites are very deceiving, and there is a high possibility that the men you’ll meet will look nothing like their picture.  In fact, this is one of the top New Jersey Singles complaints from women using online dating sites.

2. Being Matched with the Wrong Person

It’s no secret that computer algorithms are not like real people and get it wrong all the time.  Women are too often matched with men they have nothing in common with.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this has a lot to do with people lying when filling out their online profiles.  Many women feel like they’re wasting their precious time because they’re not meeting genuinely compatible men online.

3. Waiting for Messages

Waiting around for hours can be discouraging.  If you have had no correspondence or responses for a few days, you might feel like your profile needs some extra work.  If you don’t have an appealing picture with a well-written profile, men will most likely skip right over you, which can lead to self-doubt and insecurities.  Women tend to validate their worth by attention they get online, and when it’s lacking, it causes self-doubt.

4. Too Many Messages

On the opposite side of the coin, you might get swamped with messages from men.  Some men become so desperate to make a connection they can’t stop themselves from rolling out the messages.  Some men won’t give up, even if it’s clear that you’re not into them.  You could be in for a lot of weeding out when you sign up online.

5. The Line Is Often Crossed

Men sometimes do things on dating sites that they would not normally do in the real world.  Calling you pet names in the first message, sending nude pictures of themselves, or talking about how sexy you are can certainly make you feel uncomfortable.  One of the biggest New Jersey Singles complaints stems from overbearing and inappropriate messages.

6. Not Handling Rejection Well

For some reason, some men just don’t understand the word “no.”  If you decide not to talk to him anymore, you might get a horrible response from him.  We’ve heard stories of women being called vulgar and nasty names after not responding to a guy online.  Those men are insecure and don’t know how to handle rejection well.  But, hey, that’s what you encounter when you date online—undesirable candidates that aren’t worth your time.

7. Too Many Players

Just as in the real world, not everyone online wants to be in a serious relationship.  But those numbers are stacked against you in the online dating world.  Some men know exactly what to say and do to make a woman feel like she’s the one, even though they have only one intention.  It’s not easy to spot this type of man in the real world, but it’s even harder in the deceiving online dating world.

8. Unavailable Men

You might think you struck gold and found a man who is the one, but as it turns it he’s still married or in a relationship.  He might give you excuses that he’s soon going to break the relationship off, but he’s out there fishing to see what else is out there, and that’s the honest truth.  Since no one can control who joins these popular online dating sites, they’re saturated with men who are already in relationships—or worse, married!

9. No Romance

What woman doesn’t love the wooing process?  They love being courted, taken on real dates, being spoiled and treated like a princess.  But online dating feels nothing like that.  It feels more like a job interview between two people corresponding via messages.  There is no real life romance or flirting; it’s just dull and flat.

10. Everything Is Rushed

If you meet someone through an online dating site you might feel obligated to meet them in the real world, and this pressure can cause you to meet men you don’t know—complete strangers you know nothing about—which puts you at great risk.  Men know exactly what to say to put the pressure on you to meet them.  But beware: you never know who you’re meeting through an online dating site.  After all, there is no verification or screening process to ensure they’re safe to date.

The biggest New Jersey Singles complaints come from women who have used online dating sites in the past and experienced nothing but frustration and disappointment.  If you’re considering joining a dating site, our matchmakers want you to be aware of the frustrations that may lie ahead.  There is a safer, timesaving, more efficient way of dating that doesn’t involve online dating sites.

Professional matchmaking services, like New Jersey Singles, offer quality dates with relationship-minded men who are prescreened, verified, and fit to date.  The matches are all hand-selected and compatible, which removes the frustrations and disappointments of dating.  If you are ready to meet quality men in New Jersey, contact New Jersey Singles Dating Service today by filling out the private form at the top of the page or by calling 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserving your FREE matchmaking consultation.