New Jersey Singles Matchmaking Pros Reveal the Men You’ll Meet at Local Bars

Some people out there believe that you can meet quality men at local bars and clubs, but we’re New Jersey’s top matchmaking service and our seasoned matchmakers know that’s a dream. Our New Jersey Singles matchmaking pros know that the type of single men you meet at bars and clubs are not relationship-minded and certainly not worth your precious time, especially if you’re after something serious in your romantic life.  

The Types of Men You’ll Meet at Bars & Clubs

Whatever the reason is you tell yourself that you’ll find the right men at bars and clubs, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking pros can assure that you won’t find them there. We’ll show you the type of men you’ll really meet when heading out for a night at your local watering hole.

  1. Mr. I Have a Lot of Money

This guy wants you to know that he earns a lot and wants you to think he’s made of money. He has no problem buying drinks; in fact, he’s buying everyone a drink. He wants you to know that you can have whatever you want and that you can just add it to his tab. You know this type of guy; he’s that guy who will take a picture of his receipt to put on his Facebook account. He wants to show off that he’s a big spender. It is great to meet a man who is financially stable, but keep in mind that this man doesn’t necessarily know how to control his money. If he is blowing so much money on alcohol, doesn’t that tell you he’s immature?

  1. Mr. I’m a Sloppy Mess

This guy just doesn’t know when to stop drinking and doesn’t care if he’s drunk in public. In fact, when he approached you, he even spilled his drink all over himself and didn’t even notice. He is so sloppy and intoxicated that if you tell him your name is Sandra, and by the end of the night he’s still calling you Sarah. Mr. I’m a Sloppy Mess doesn’t remember anything you mention in conversation and has the manners of a frat boy. He is just out at the bars to have a good time and a serious relationship is the last thing on his mind. Of course we have all had our less than attractive moments when out at the bars, but Mr. I’m a Sloppy Mess keeps having them and will continue having them for a long time. If he is a sloppy drinker, imagine how sloppy his life must be as well.

  1. Mr. I’m So Popular

This guy is a rare breed. He acts like his life is a movie where everyone knows his name and everything about him. This guy walks in the bars in slow motion, waving at everyone—bartenders, girls, and everyone who looks his way. He expects a drink to be served the moment he enters the bar. Like we said, this guy thinks his life is a movie.

  1. Mr. Coins

Have you ever gone on a date with a man who kept talking about the bill and how expensive it was? If so, then you have already met the cheapskate, Mr. Coins. What’s worse is when you meet Mr. Coins at a bar (and you will meet a Mr. Coins at the bar). This man will come up to you, flirt, and come across as very charming, that is until after an hour of conversation when he still has not offered you a drink. Once you realize that your margarita has been dry for almost half an hour, you order a drink and classic Mr. Coins chimes in saying something like, “Oh, what does that taste like?” which is him suggesting that he wants to try your drink. By the end of the night, he has convinced you to buy him a couple more drinks. Ladies, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking pros warn you to stay away from Mr. Coins. This guy will suck the money and life right out of you!

  1. Mr. Demanding

The demanding jerk, that’s this guy. This guy is so arrogant that everyone knows him. If you have ever been out at the restaurant and heard a man clap or snap his fingers for the waitress, then you have already met Mr. Demanding. This is the guy you overheard at the end of the bar as he was ordering a new cocktail. This is the man you’ll see at the bar, yelling, literally yelling, because he is so demanding. He is so loud and arrogant and demands everyone’s attention. And the more drinks this guy consumes, the louder this guy gets.

  1. Mr. I’m Too Smooth

It always feels nice to be told that you look good, especially if it comes from a stranger. But if you have met Mr. I’m Too Smooth while out at the bar, it’s safe to say you will not be the only woman meeting him that night. This guy has met every woman out there, playing it cool with his one liners and corny pickup lines. You may feel flattered when he asks for your phone number, that is until later on when you hear him asking other women for their numbers as well (using the same pickup line he used on you). Long story short, Mr. I’m Too Smooth is a player, and if you are looking for a serious and committed relationship, then you already know he will not be your best bet.

  1. Mr. I’m a Creep

Mr. I’m a Creep likes to hang out at dark bars, and you’ll notice his eyes cling onto you the moment you walk in. This is the guy who looks like he has ten felonies—a creeper that stares at every woman that comes into the bar. This guy doesn’t make you feel relaxed, and if you find yourself stuck with him, we encourage you to leave the place as soon as you can. As you can tell, the NJ bar and club scene is not the place to meet men for a meaningful relationship. If you are looking for a safer way to meet local singles, our New Jersey Singles matchmaking pros have the solution for you. All you need to do is give us a call today and set up a free consultation with one of our expert matchmakers. To start meeting quality men this summer, simply fill out our confidential questionnaire here.

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